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The 3rd Edition of the International Conference on Geospatial Technologies for the Water Resources.

On the occasion of the COP22 – on the 10, 11th and 12th November 2016 - Marrakech/ Morocco - International Conference on Geospatial Technologies for Water Resources (labeled COP22)

Geospatial technologies represent tools for analysis and decision support for different water resources management stakeholders: managers, policy makers and scientists. Certainly, these technologies offer effective ways to take the necessary actions in the short, medium and long term, for the rational management of water resources.

Geospatial technologies have been directed towards the acquisition, processing and use of spatial reference data in various fields including those related to water. The development of these technologies and the widespread use of sophisticated means of communication (Internet, Satellite, wireless network, Radar ...) allowed not only the management and provision of geospatial data but, above all, the implementation of effective real time decision support systems in order to adapt to different situations and crisis scenarios.

According to the 2008 report published by the IPCC experts, the problems related to "climate change and water resources" will correspond to the most serious crises that humanity will have to face. Hence the need to use geospatial technologies as tools for analysis and decision support to cope with these challenges.

On the occasion of COP22, and in order to contribute to the enrichment of the debate around the theme "Water and Climate Change", The Scientific Association for Water Information Systems (SAWIS), as a scientific society, will organize on 10, 11 and 12 November 2016, in Marrakech, the third edition of the International Conference on Geospatial Technologies for Water Resources (GTW III) under the subject "The Geospatial Information, Water Resources and Climate Change: Challenges and perspectives". This year's GTW conference is accredited COP22.

This event (labeled COP22) will be an opportunity for researchers, professionals and decision makers to present their work at the different sessions and to participate in the activities planned during the event (Plenary Session, Workshops etc ...).

Pr. BOKO Michel (Benin), IPCC Expert and Co-winner of 2007 Nobel Prize for Peace, for her works on climate change in Africa.